An advanced and effective method which removes unwanted hair on many parts of the body and therefore removing the regular need to shave and wax, giving you the lasting confidence and freedom of being hair free.


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What is IPL and Laser Hair Removal?

IPL and Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Currently these treatments are only available at our Wolverhampton Clinic.

The regular task of waxing, shaving and even hair removal creams is a time consuming and never ending process. It’s no wonder there has been an increase in Permanent Hair Removal treatments like IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and Laser Hair Removal, as more of us are turning towards looking at a more permanent solution for removing unwanted hair.

IPL is the latest technology for removing unwanted hair which is fast, safe and affordable. An increasing number of people can see the long term benefits it gives them. The single most important reason has to be the freedom it can give you from the time and energy spent on traditional methods of removing hair. Quite often these methods are not satisfactory, many people complain of stubble from shaving, bumpy skin and in-growing hairs from waxing.

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Treatment at a glance

Procedure Time
20 - 90 minutes

Specialist Level

Recovery Time

IPL Hair Removal Treatment FAQs

You wear protective eyewear while the IPL operator moves the hand piece slowly over your skin firing the IPL light exactly where required. Cooling is applied to the skin to minimise heat sensation. IPL can be used to treat any area of the body and on most skin types. Prior to treatment we will discuss in detail how treatment works and assess if it is suitable for you. A test patch is carried out on all clients to observe the effect. Afterwards treated hair will naturally fall out of the follicle 2 weeks after treatment.
With the majority of treatments there are little or no visible after-effects so you can resume your normal routine quickly. Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others and may redden. An aftercare gel is applied in all cases and any redness should settle within hours. As with any heat treatment there are risks but they will be fully discussed before treatment.
In order to achieve the best results we recommend a course of 6-8 treatments.
The number of treatments required varies, depending on the density and location of hair growth. Most people require at least 6-8 treatments. However facial hair, especially around the chin can take longer. Treatment is required every 4-6 weeks for the first few sessions.
Treatment cannot be carried out if you are under 18, planning to start a family or are pregnant or if you suffer from certain conditions such as epilepsy or have had skin cancer. Avoid exposure to the sun and sun beds for at least 4 weeks before and after treatment. A test patch is required before treatment.

What our customers have to say

I would like to thank Tina and Kim at White Rooms Aesthetics for the cheeks fillers. I had no volume in my cheeks and I can now proudly say that they have definitely been given definition. It’s not only improved my looks but it has improved my confidence as well. The whole process was quick, simple and pain free. The results have lasted me well over many months. Thanks again, I can’t wait to get them redone.Nita Mehmi.
What can I say truly amazing company, results and so friendly, highly recommend.Simone
I have had three treatments with Kim. She is really professional and I have had great results.Phillipa Walker

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