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General FAQs

If you wish to re-arrange your appointment please contact the clinic or you can call/text Tina on 07837 065 152. Tina will let you know what other appointments are available. If you do wish to re-arrange your appointment, please contact us the day before your appointment.
Simply fill out the ‘book a free consultation’ form on the treatment page and we will call you back to arrange an appointment. Or alternatively, call the clinic in your area to arrange an appointment directly.
If you wish to cancel your appointment, please contact us the day before your appointment. You can either contact the clinic or call/text Tina on 07837 065 152 to cancel your appointment.
Parking will be available around each of the beauty salons. If you require any further information on where to park or on the location of the salon please contact Tina on 07837 065 152.
At the consultation, your practitioner will explain if there is anything you need to prepare for before the treatment. If you are unsure of what was discussed please contact the clinic number and we will be happy to help.
A friend can come into the appointment with you if you would them to. If you have a child we would recommend that you also have another adult with you who is able to look after the child whilst you have your appointment. Young children would not be able to sit in reception on their own.

What our customers have to say

What can I say truly amazing company, results and so friendly, highly recommend.Simone
I have had three treatments with Kim. She is really professional and I have had great results.Phillipa Walker
I have been having botox with Kim for two years now and am very satisfied with her work and results.Jane White.

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